The astrology of kink

The Astrology of kink. Retreat
Planets were considered by the ancients as wandering stars and through their

observation over thousands of years Astrology was born. Just as the sun and moon are important for making life possible on our planet, as are nature, the air we breathe and the food we eat as prana life force energy all around us so why not the cosmos out there. In Evolutionary Astrology the planets represent psychological archetypes that we find in all of us as well as in the Chakras system. Awareness of what is around us, the persons we share life’s journey with and the energies we exchange become the pillars of our experience of alternative sexuality, Tantric and Kinky .

Kink sexuality plays in the land of forbidden fruit and as such is what makes us

curious and at the same time afraid of that which we may have repressed. Kink sexuality works with the shadow and therefore can be confrontational, intense, and sometimes scary, but at its core it is a profound force of transformation and evolution

( The transpersonal planets ). In our approach we follow the lead of Conscious Kink sometimes known as Sacred Kink.

In this retreat, we will work with kink and tantra experiencing the rich possibility that kink play can offer, introducing us to the world of restraint (planet Saturn) and the different forms that this can be express. We will get to know the dynamic of domination and submission as ritualistic expressions of kink sexuality and connected to the spirit. We will work with astrology and the planets representing psychological archetypes: what we like (Venus), what we want (Mars), what make us feel protected and nurture(Moon), what we fear (Pluto), what we repress (Saturn) whom we really are (the sun )what we dream (Neptune)
This retreat will travel through different aspects of kink, the sacred and their planet correlations according to astrology.
The dates we have chosen have a very interesting astrological significance that I would like to mention here. Full moon in Sagittarius, that will accentuate the energy of knowledge , expansion, wisdom ( Jupiter) as a way that helps us feel secure and the moon to nurture us.

1 / we will explore kink sexuality and tantric sexuality as a viable combination that can help us in our personal growth

A/ different forms of restraint with an emphasis on Shibari bondage work with ropes. But also other forms of restraint with attention to the importance of a safe form of play

B/ pain play and safety thereof
C/ domination and submission, the ritual demo, working with the spirit D/ all about toys

2/ we will work with planet-archetypes connected to sexuality
3/ reading of natal astrological charts in private sessions covering the basics of astrological configuration of each one of the participants.
4/ Ritualism as part of a very important approach in my kink practice. I will introduce a basic knowledge of astrological magic we can use to set up our working space on and direct cosmological configuration.


Online sessions 18 and 23 may 19.30 hrs. via zoom

Workshop start 2 june 18 hrs and end 4 june 17 hrs

Investment : 250 € for the workshop + 40 € for food and drinks

Place. : The monastery in Solwaster Belgium