About vikthor


Artist living in Amsterdam     born in Valparaiso chile where  i  study History   and later began my artistic journey as theatre maker  and designer  in Chile and later  Europe , work that follows me for around 30 years of active theatre work in many contries in Europe and since  2009 base exclusively in Amsterdam  ,  the last  10 years i have being dedicating to study   Tantra     in Amsterdam , under de guide of the master Anand Rudra   . True Tantra. 

At this moment i began  my esoteric studies   concentrated  in Astrology  , evolutionary astrology and  Humanistic astrology .  My work combine all elements that i have being working  throught the years and i call it.    The theatre of truth  , where the tantric transformative filosophy  is my botom line  follow by  esoterism, theatre and ritual . a holistic  journey  with a healing form .