My vision

Welcome to my page ,  Im vikThor  an artist,tantric  masseur, a rigger  rider in the realm of the shadow work and a  Astrologer. My work combine  various techniques  that i had  learn through life experiences and studies , my vision is  create  path , open roads  that can help us to reconnect with ourselves  and what is around us  .  whom we are, what im here on earth  for, what can i change in my life journey   that bring the best out of me, and what about our  dreams ,  and  happiness ,all questions that had wondered   humanity mind  all along   centuries ,and still in humanity today .   I began as a  theatre maker and  that brought the creative spark  that follows me  all along as an artist,  i study history and that feed my desire for knowledge ,then my spiritual path opens and i study  Tantra which give  to me the tools necessary to work with the body and spirit in a better understanding  of the energies around us ,then  learn Shibari   Japanese Art rope work , working with what is taboo and the  shadow , Restrain  the body to liberate the soul .  My latest adventure brought   me to  Gaze at the stars and i became  an Astrologer ,  i study   with Ancient Astrology  and modern   Evolutionary astrology  which i combine with tarot  and Astrological  Magic .   My work  became  Holistic .


Tantra is an ancient philosophy 4000 years  old  ,began in the Far East. and  teach us the ability to reconnect with our senses, to  become more aware of our physical bodies, and  discover, manage and use the natural energy within us.  By working  five important tools
,The path of air Pranayamas   breathing techniques,  The path of earth  working with the body  Krya Yoga , the path of fire , moving sacred kundalini energie  through the chakra sistem , Tantra massage. The path of water   by reconecting with our emotions and our spirit  , ritualism .



What is Astrology

Astrology is the study of the planets movement and their efect in human life in earth , this all beging thousand  of  of years ago ,at the origen of human history , the sky  above us became a guide to understand the natural process o the seasons  and soon after the very images of the gods .   The first evidance we find is  in Caldea  3000 thousands years

Babilon  nowadays bagdad , soon after Greek invasion  with Alexander de great ,Babilonian astrology that had invented the Zodiac  mix with egyptian  astrology that   bring  the decans ,or study of the hours and the planets , all give origen to the Astrology that we now now a days ,and by then was   Helenistic Astrology .Astrology give origen to astronomy  and in modern time fall out of grace ,and only in the begining of 20 centuries start again a revival , thanks to the  Sun astrology  which  is what we all know  today .

Ancient astrology tell us  something about humanity back then , having the  same question  about existance  that we have today . With the start of psicological  astrology  or humanistic  and evolutionary astrology  in the 20 century , by study of psicological  profile  as a tool to help in  people evolution , planets as   psicological archetypes placed in our chart, help  to tell a story  about us, and with the transits we con forecast  life process that can help to understand more about ourselves if we chose too.


Tantric massage

Touch is the most powerful means of non verbal communication and to realise what it is we want to communicate... emotions. Touching has become crucial in a 'touch-phobic' society.
​We are not used to touching strangers, or even, for that matter, our friends. We live in a culture where touch is taboo to the point of considering it suspicious, weird or even perverted. And those who dare to express their desire, or need, for touch are considered to be 'sad' beings.

Tantra massage ;   is a type of massage that work with natural  energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness  and  opening  the door  to a magnificent state of well being , Tantra massage  work on the body , the emotions and de spirit  ,making the experience  complete .  Like other forms of massage, tantra massage can be very relaxing  but also very intense , can  alleviate physical pain and emotional fear and guilt. Tantra massage can also help people to become more fulfilled and personally empowered. 

When we discover that the magic force we often seek is not somewhere out there but is in fact inside our own phyisical body, we feel its layers, and being able to communicate with others on the same vibration is something I always knew was possible. When  you find the right connection, that door opens and you can start a new path in life, one with infinite doors and spaces. There we learn about ourselves and  start to question what it is we are actually doing here.Being able to experience the absolute truth that we are part of something bigger, a soul that connects us to the cosmic creation.


Coming Workshop

The Astrology of kink. Retreat
Planets were considered by the ancients as wandering stars and through their

observation over thousands of years Astrology was born. Just as the sun and moon are important for making life possible on our planet, as are nature, the air we breathe and the food we eat as prana life force energy all around us so why not the cosmos out there. In Evolutionary Astrology the planets represent psychological archetypes that we find in all of us as well as in the Chakras system. Awareness of what is around us, the person/s we share life’s journey with and the energies we exchange become the pillars of our experience of alternative sexuality, Tantric and Kinky .

Kink sexuality plays in the land of forbidden fruit and as such is what makes us

curious and at the same time afraid of that which we may have repressed. Kink sexuality works with the shadow and therefore can be confrontational, intense, and sometimes scary, but at its core it is a profound force of transformation and evolution ( The transpersonal planets ). In our approach we follow the lead of Conscious Kink sometimes known as Sacred Kink.

In this retreat, we will work with kink and tantra experiencing the rich possibility that kink play can offer, introducing us to the world of restraint (planet Saturn) and the different forms that this can be express. We will get to know the dynamic of domination and submission as ritualistic expressions of kink sexuality and connected to the spirit. We will work with astrology and the planets representing psychological archetypes: what we like (Venus), what we desire (Mars), what make us feel protected (Moon), what we fear (Pluto), what we repress (Saturn)

what we dream (Neptune)
This retreat will travel through different aspects of kink, the sacred and their planet

correlations according to astrology.
The dates we have chosen have a very interesting astrological significance that I would like to mention here. Full moon in Sagittarius, that will accentuate the energy of knowledge and expansion ( Jupiter) as a way that helps us feel secure and the moon to nurture us.

1 / we will explore kink sexuality and tantric sexuality as a viable combination that can help us in our personal growth

A/ different forms of restraint with an emphasis on Shibari bondage work with ropes. But also other forms of restraint with attention to the importance of a safe form of play

B/ pain play and safety thereof
C/ domination and submission, the ritual demo, working with the spirit D/ all about toys

2/ we will work with planet-archetypes connected to sexuality
3/ reading of natal astrological charts in private sessions covering the basics of astrological configuration of each one of the participants.
4/ Ritualism as part of a very important approach in my kink practice. I will introduce a basic knowledge of astrological magic we can use to set up our working space on and direct cosmological configuration.


Shadow work

When we talk about the shadow  what we actually do is a journey to our own under world ,in astrological term we will say that we are in the land of  planet Pluto  which represent our fears ,but as well we can say that we what we repress and restrain and whit what is taboo ,then we will refer as the planet Saturn . One of the more graffic form of  working with our shadows could be ,rope work ,restrain the body to liberate the soul . a silence conversation with ourselves and surrender .

The massage

Tantra Massage

Through Conscious Touch, we embrace the body,  learn to move energy and enhance feelings and emotions.  With a light  touch of the fingers tips  feeling the skin under  we awaken  the body ,and connecting with the sexual energy  that arouses  ,  a deep body massage  with oil,   from top to toe , in a  safe  warm and welcoming  atmosphere ,the massage is given on the floor  in a futon, music and  different types of aromatics oils   invite you to relax  and give yourself to the experience , awakening of all senses, is a unique  form to approach you sexuality, with no shame, open embrace  of whom you are, in a learning  process   where you all body experience  you sexual being   above  the first chakra  moving up to the heart  and hope to the crown   Chakra . Soon your body is prepared, will begin, kundalini massage, which is Lingam massage (penis ) and sacred zone massage ( anus and prostate ) where the aim is not to release ( ejaculation ) but move the sacred sexual energy all around the body.
​This is an invitation to explore  your sexuality. A potentially sublime experience without any shame or fear because it is a sacred path on which we can learn and grow and understand that happiness is there waiting inside of each one of us.

 Door bewuste aanraking omhelzen we het lichaam, leren we om energie te bewegen en gevoel en emotie te versterken. Door een lichte aanraking van de huid met vingertoppen wekken we we de opwindende seksuele energie op. Dan een diepe lichaamsmassage van het hele lichaam met olie in een veilige, warme en welkome atmosfeer op een lage matras op de vloer. Met verschillende geuren en zachte muziek nodigt dit uit tot ontspanning en om jezelf over te geven aan de ervaring. Zo alle gevoelens losmaken is een unieke manier om je seksueel te benaderen zonder schaamte of angst. Ongeacht van wie of wat je bent in een leerproces waar je hele lichaam de seksualiteit beleeft. De eerste chakra beweegt omhoog richting het hart en gaat ultiem door naar de kroonchakra.Binnenkort is je lichaam voorbereid, zal het beginnen, kundalinimassage, wat een Lingam-massage (penis) en heilige zone-massage (anus en prostaat) is, waarbij het doel niet is om los te laten (ejaculatie) maar de heilige seksuele energie overal in het lichaam beweegt.
Dit is een uitnodiging om je seksualiteit te verkennen. Potentieel een sublieme ervaring zonder angst of schaamte want het is een pad waarop we leren te begrijpen dat het geluk in onszelf verscholen zit.

Subtle body massage

This massage will bring you to the basic fundament of what a tantra experience is but as well working deep on moving energie  open the senses  how is the chakra sistem in you body  and what we can learn about you when the body talk  ,this experience  approach  has and esoteric  components as a personal touch with astrology and what we can learn about ourselves  with the planets placement in you mandala horoscope ,how mars  sexual energy works in you  or venus  love  or the moon feelings , the energie will be moves through you body with gentil  touch  from kashimire  tradition  ,you all body will be  awake  and with different sensorial tools like feathers, stones massage and oil  we will iniciate the gentile conversation with the deep in yourself . conscious touch and breathing, inviting your body to relax  and open to moving energy , this massage will take you to a deep feeling of relaxation, being conscious of your body and feelings .open a door  to a conversation where you will feel free to express  yourself in an holistic wave



How the massage goes..

The massage is done in a futon  on the floor , the journey begin from the moment  you step in the premises ,you will get undress and given a saron  , a cloth that covers you private parts,  you will sit on yoga cushion and   we will have an introduction talk about  the basis of what a tantra massage is ,what is their goal  and what are you expectation . During the conversation i will ask about complain  in you body and health  and   feelings  .  i will explain   as well about you astrological profile, star sign,  moon and sun placement on you mandala horoscope   that will define  the journey .  Following to that we start with a tantric ritual  where  you will get in contact  you body through conscious breathing techniques  and the massage begin  which is a full body massage  and kundalini massage depending on what  massage choices  you took .  At the en of the experience we  will have a second talk where we will  talk about you experience ,you feelings  and observations and point you get from me   the how the experience  was and explain what did the body talk .   Be  aware that a tantric massage is a experience that aim to a personal growing and that is important  to open a door to you feelings and emotions  to be express..

Erotic massage ?


Tantra massage is very often associated with Ero massage or erotic massage  with ” happy End”.  well  tantra massage is not  focus in  ejaculation  tantric  tradition put the intention on a growing experience , about  you body and  feelings , work with sacred sexual energy ,kundalini, and the chakra system and the influence that had in the body and mind .   you can relax and discover that there is much more to learn  about you sexuality, desire longing, face you fears  in a complete  holistic  way , that is why the massage is not a massage  with (happy end ) but an experience  of happiness .




For bookings    Phone . 0645919755   or.  email : tantricovik@gmail.com

Opening times

You can book a session  everyday from  11 till 17 hrs book in advance ,only few sessions per week