Astrology and Tarot

A massage for the soul  or the importance  of understanding myself through  what the stars can tell. ASTROLOGY  is without a doubt one of the old way to learn about  ourselves  begin in old Sumerian time and follow human being through all known time history , listening to the stars and the movements of the planet was  used as a form of understanding the cicles of time of mother  earth but as well as a road to connect with our inner self ,mostly used as a divination tool follow us till modern time where was study in university as one  of the very important aspect of  knowledge ,most of well known astronomer where  Astrologers. With the advance of science astrology fall out of grace and became a sort of game play with not very much reputation ,nevertheless in the contemporary  time as everything evolve ,also did astrology and now a days is more present than ever , with new road  of study the planet and stars and the influence in us ,but away of medieval  style .now a days exist two important  aprouch  to astrology  ,the evolutionary astrology and the humanist astrology ,that look  at the horoscope as a form of growing  process  or what we can learn about ourselves  with the help of this ancient tool and away of the obscure medieval for of determination and destiny .

That is the way i work with astrology and  tarot and i call it a massage for the soul. a open room that can be a very interesting tool  for us and a wonderful present from the Ancient .