Hans Christiaan
Having a sexual blockade for several reasons is a frustrating situation.
It builds itself over the years in layer on layer.
Talking, thinking even sexual intercoarse would not get me over it.

Tantra as a experienced in the sessions with Viktor made me get over it.
How? I knew about it and got into it. Too exotic? Too much sexindustry? I don't know.

But at a certain point I knew massage in combination with sexual energy would be the best for me. Not the happy ending thing but a massage that would teach my body how to sing.

So I met Viktor and he offered the right method for me.
With authority he masters the skill of Tantra. Preparing the breath to get me out of my mind.
Because there all the layers mix into that closed tissue that blocked me. And go deep into the essence of what it is to be a body.
He touches the skin and the body in certain patterns, so the mental fysical journey becomes a ‘ride’. Open for the experience and willing to move along, unfelt sensations flow through all the body and the mind. Cherishing the soul.

There is a hidden force in nature when all the chakra’s sing.
I can say to all use it  in your relation.
Learn from it from a serious master like I found.


Paul .    Nog  enorm bedankt . Was een onvergetelijke ervaring Gr Paul


Evert .     Warm, quiet welcome. music already playing, room candle lit, feels like: okay, well prepared and I'm welcome.Overall your strokes and touches and taking different positions meanwhile felt confident, conscious, like you know what you're doing. I trust on that. I liked the slowly removing of the cloth very much, it allows me to involve many many sensitive areas.Most of the times your fingertips and nails surely evoked fire-like energy, 

It helped that you used your voice, a low sound, while releasing breath, it's giving space to give whatever sound will come while releasing.  There is fear, there are some thoughts coming up, there is curiosity, feeling, noticing, evolving, getting on this trip, and trying to hear and understand if you say something. That's a lot to process, all together.   Thanks  for the wonderfull session .


Waard   -    Viktor , dank  voor de mooie sessie. Fijne avond .


Wessel .    Maistro Viktor , muchisimas gracias por un dia muy especial !! Me alegre mucho encontrando contigo ; seguro quiero visitarte otra vez. Tuve la idea ,soy asexual .Pero  despues  la information sobre todos tu haces , pense (poco) mas positivo sobre eso aspecto  de mi vida   . Hasta proxima vez y abrazos fuertes , Wessel    ( Thanks  very much  was an special day ,im happy to meet you ,sure i will visit again . I always have the idea that i was somehow asexual ,but after our conversation ,i have tought ,in a positive way  this aspect of my life ,till next time . Strong Hug . Wessel . )


Roy -  Heel erg bedankt voor de heerlijke morgen . Fijne weekend en nogmaals bedankt voor deze mooie ervaring .